SIM Ep 826 Pod 243: Perfectly reasonable, historically sinkable, and dramatically flappable

One woman’s “reasonable” is another woman’s eating cheesy crisps on the Tube. With our own concept of what it is to be reasonable, and indeed unreasonable, so entrenched in personal experience, Mick was fascinated to chat to cultural studies expert Kirsty Sedgman about her new book, On Being Unreasonable: Breaking the Rules and Making Things Better.

Titanic Belfast is about to reopen after a major refurbishment, so Hannah got on the Zoom to Eimar Kearney from the centre to talk about the world's most famous sunken ship, why it remains fascinating, and why the capital of Northern Ireland is well worth a visit.

There is no good news in Jenny Off The Blocks, but there are some excellent women hoping to change the sporting landscape for others. Meanwhile, we are all a-flap, as 1963 Hitchcock classic The Birds gets Rated or Dated.

Plus, spiralling costs, awkward admissions, and surprising progress in the Bush Telegraph.

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