SIM Ep 809 Pod 236: Happy Valley, happy together and happy listening

Happy Valley is finally back for a third and final series, hooray, so Hannah leapt at the chance to chat to its creator, the writer Sally Wainwright. They talk about the return of Catherine Cawood and why there might be life in Gentleman Jack yet. Mickey's been on the Zoom with comedy double act Norris and Parker – Katie and Sinead to their pals – to talk sirens (the female kind), witches, friendship and poo. In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen's got news on what's coming in the first sporting quarter of 2023. In BT we're talking about that broken necklace, a crisis in pathology and Macron (any excuse). And in Rated or Dated, we're wondering if time has been kind to Good Morning, Vietnam.

* Norris & Parker: Sirens is at Soho Theatre, Wed 11 to Sat 14 Jan, 10pm.

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