SIM Ep 808 Chops 238: Dr Lisa Sugiura talks online harm

After stalling while the Tory Party considered which unelected Prime Minister was going to lead the country back in 2022, the Online Harms Bill is now back on the agenda in Parliament, rebranded as the Online Safety Bill. In this week’s Chops, Jen catches up with Dr Lisa Sugiura, Reader in Cybercrime and Gender at the University of Portsmouth, to find out why that rebranding might be a problem. They chat about how the online world presents new opportunities for domestic abusers, why the Online Safety Bill isn’t worth the paper it's written on, and why it's not all LOLZ about Andrew Tate's pizza box faux pas. Don’t have nightmares, like.

Lisa's book, The Incel Rebellion: The Rise of the Manosphere and the Virtual War Against Women, is available here.

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