SIM Ep 797 Chops 234: Miki Berenyi talks some not-so lush times

Miki Berenyi, probably best known as one of the founding members of late 80s and early 90s alt-rockers Lush, has written a superb, painfully honest, no-holds-barred memoir about her tricky (to put it mildly) childhood and time in Lush and on the Britpop scene. 

And so Mickey got on the Zoom to Miki to chat Fingers Crossed: How Music Saved Me From Success, bands and fallouts, Britpop and misogyny, difficult childhoods and understanding that nobody’s perfect 

Though beautifully written, Fingers Crossed is, at times, brutal. A heads up that she and Mick talk about child sex abuse and neglect in this podcast. They are both fairly philosophical about their own experiences – now, at least – but keen that these conversations continue to happen as a reminder that this doesn’t just happen “over there to someone else”. 

Miki is a beautiful writer and, given December is upon us, Fingers Crossed would make an excellent gift for anyone into music and/or brilliant, fierce women.

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