SIM Ep 790 Pod 230: Poverty, posters and Peter's short shorts

The cost of living is dominating conversations around the country, so, in this week's podcast, Jen chats to Helen Barnard, associate director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and director of research and policy at Pro Bono Economics, about assumptions made about poverty. Mick's chatting with Claudia Brewster, course leader of Graphic Design, Creative Advertising and Visual Communication at the University of Gloucestershire, and one of her second-year students, Siobhan Smith, about the posters they’ve been designing for the March for Freedom for Afghan Women and Girls taking place in London on Sunday 27 November. In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen's boycotting Qatar and in BT, Hannah's rounding up the results of the midterms in the US. And last, but oh so very much not least, we'll find out what's easier to look after, heroin or babies, as we watch 1987's Three Men And A Baby in Rated or Dated.

* You can grab your March for Freedom posters here:

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