SIM Ep 787 Pod 229: Brains, balls and not nature's banana

“What’s going on inside our noggins?” is a question we are often terrified to ask, but neuroscientist and Standard Issue favourite Professor Sophie Scott is more than happy to delve right in. She chats to Hannah about "lady brains", the infinite wisdom of post-menopausal killer whales, how chromosomes affect the old grey matter, and her new book, The Brain: 10 Things You Should Know.


In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen chats to Leonie Pryor, match official developer at the Rugby Football Union, about their #Inspire campaign, aimed to get more women into refereeing.


Grab your hankies and hold on tight, as Hannah and Mick revisit Michael Winterbottom’s 1997 war drama, Welcome To Sarajevo. And in this week's Bush Telegraph, Mick has some interesting (*question mark*) Christmas list ideas. Prepare the underground cellar and light the dusty vagina candle!

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