SIM Ep 785 Pod 228: Cat women, strong women and a woman with an egg

The expression "cat lady" comes with a lot of baggage, something writer and podcaster Dawn O'Porter couldn't understand. She talks to Jen about her new book Cat Lady, which challenges stereotypes around the love we have for our pets. They also chat complicated characters, the reality of living in LA, and the ongoing refugee crisis*.

Imagine a women-only fitness space that encourages women to strength train with heavy weights and builds confidence as much as muscle. It’s real! StrongHer, in London’s Bethnal Green (but with excellent online options), exists thanks to Tig Hodson and Sam Prynn, who created a place they wanted to work out in. And it’s where our Mick flips tyres and chucks herself over walls. She borrowed Jenny Off The Blocks for a week to chat with Tig about strength training, listening to your cycle, and why the fear of getting ‘bulky’ is a nonsense.

Lucas “Luke” Jackson clearly isn’t worried about a bit of bulk, as he stuffs 50 eggs down his gullet in one of cinema’s most iconic scenes. Yep, this week’s Rated or Dated is 1967 prison drama classic, Cool Hand Luke and unlikely inspiration for Hannah. 

And in the Bush Telegram, there’s bad at your job and then there’s Suella Braverman.  

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