SIM Ep 768 Pod 221: Stitching, biting and being dangled out of a window upside down

Jen's taken up clothes making, so who better to get on the Zoom with than winner of 2021's Great British Sewing Bee, Serena Baker? They chat about stitching, sustainable fashion, and her book Serena Sews. Hannah chats to actor Jennifer Kirby about Vampire Academy, why teenage girls can't get enough of bloodsuckers and why Linda Bassett is the cat's pyjamas. In BT, we're talking about - what else? - reaction to the Queen's death, but fret not, there is good news in Jenny Off The Blocks. And in Rated or Dated, we're back to the 1990s or the 1950s, depending on how you look at it, as we watch LA Confidential.  

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