SIM Ep 760 Pod 217: Hungry women, toxic love, and ‘80s face

What would happen if a food writer became an accidental murderer and deliberate cannibal? In this week’s podcast, Mick finds out as she chats to journalist Chelsea G Summers about her debut novel A Certain Hunger. They discuss the symbolism of cannibalism, women’s relationships with food and their bodies, and how it is used against them.

Jen chats to C E Riley - director of Primadonna Festival and author of new book Is This Love? - about bad behaviour, toxic love and messing with the patriarchy, one football match at a time. And in Jenny Off The Blocks, she’s paying tribute to The Queen, Serena Williams, as she approaches an “evolution”.

And finally, did Hannah have the time of her life watching Dirty Dancing for this week’s Rated or Dated? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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