SIM Ep 757 Pod 216: Lovable dogs, disinterested tour guides and sweet-smelling donkeys

Nestled in the sweet spot of ‘cartoon for kids that adults love, too’, the Emmy Award-winning Bluey is a firm favourite in the Offord household. Which means our Jen’s trying really hard not to fangirl as she chats to actress Melanie Zanetti, aka Chilli, about Australian cattle dogs, crossing comic boundaries, parenting goals and never meeting your husband. 

If you’re not already a fan of comedian Eleanor Morton’s zero-fucks-given tour guide Craig, then get yourself onto the socials for a watch immediately. Or stay here and listen as Mick catches up with Eleanor to talk Craig, what happens when a history fan makes comedy, her Edinburgh show Eleanor Morton Has Peaked, and the joy of out-of-season graveyards.

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s quite rightly still wanging on about us winning Euro 2022, and explaining why the Commonwealth Games are more than the poor (wo)man’s Olympics.

And finally, it was bad enough before Hannah brought innocent donkeys into it… There’s vabbing, an Amnesty on decent Twitter etiquette, just desserts for a human heart attack, and the return of Mick’s favourite electric sheep in the Bush Telegraph.

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