SIM Ep 753 Pod 214: Birmingham flavoured, with a healthy dash of Michael

With the Birmingham Festival 2022 about to get underway, Hannah ventures (via Zoom) to the glorious Midlands for a chat with artist Dawinder Bansal about her exhibition, Jambo Cinema, which opens on July 28. They're talking Bollywood, social history, video shops and “daytimers”, among other things.

Jenny Off The Blocks also takes us to Birmingham as, ahead of the Commonwealth Games, Jen catches up with lawn bowling superstar Amy Pharoah of Bowls England.

Plus, we ask how many times a film’s dialogue can reasonably repeat the central character’s name? The team finds out as 1987’s The Lost Boys gets Rated or Dated. And in BT, Mick’s got a stunning new rendition of the theme to Top Cat, as she reflects on the Tory leadership cuntest. Sorry, we meant, yeah, cuntest.

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