SIM Ep 752 Chops 258: Helen Bauer and Yuriko Kotani

Not one, but TWO funny women in this week’s Sunday Chops, the first of two Edinburgh Fringe specials – although if you can’t get to the festival, fret not, as both of these excellent comedians can be found elsewhere, too.

Human fireball Helen Bauer tells Mick about giving advice on the Trusty Hogs podcast, dealing with diet culture in her show Madame Good Tit, and what it’s like to have Marsha from Spaced as your mum in her BBC Three pilot Small Doses. She also introduces her to Pen Island.

After the break, Yuriko Kotani, a Japanese comedian based in the UK puts the wind up Mick with her talk of “kaiju” – that’s monsters or strange beasties to those of us who don’t speak Japanese. Actually, no wind at all; turns out Godzilla lives in Mick's house. 

You can give both of them a follow on the socials. Helen is @Helenbabauer and Yuriko is @YurikoComedy. 

Helen Bauer’s Madame Good Tit is at the Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3 to 28, 5.40pm

Yuriko Kotani’s Kaiju About is at the Pleasance Dome, Aug 3 to 28, 7.30pm

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