SIM Ep 750 Pod 213: Phoebe Bridgers, shutting the fuck up, and the quest for eternal youth

Ayisha Malik’s new book, The Movement, explores life in a world where everyone is talking, but no one seems to be listening, and what it means to have a voice. She chats to Jen about how we communicate and why a female protagonist shutting the fuck up is a feminist statement.

Our regular music mistress, Liz Buckley, gives Mick the lowdown on Phoebe Bridgers, the joy of puns, slagging off Ryan Adams, and why it’s never not fun to put an expletive in your name. 

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s rounding up all the action in athletics, cricket and of course, the Women's Euro. And in Rated or Dated, filler, spray paint and misogyny at the ready as we watch Robert Zemeckis’ star-studded 1992 schlocky horror show, Death Becomes Her.

Plus, thank goodness Hannah found Bonnie in this week’s Bush Telegraph. What a good girl!

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