SIM Ep 736 Pod 206: Tom, Dick & Harry and Natalie and Al Capone (walk into a podcast)

We need to ditch the shame around sex. Everyone's good with that, yeah? If that hasn't convinced you, Natalie Lee - aka Style Me Sunday - will almost certainly do a better job. She chats to Mick about the absolute joy of feeling herself and her aptly-titled new book, Feeling Myself. And while we're on the subject of feelings, Hannah gets dangerously close to having some when she chats to Theresa Heskins, director and co-writer of a new play, Tom, Dick & Harry, based on the true story of the "great" escape from Stalag Luft III. And we stick with the history in Rated or Dated. Of course we don't, we're watching The Untouchables. Also, Mick has a SOTW MASTERclass and there's mosquitos, mojitos and that Bojo mofo in the Bush Telegraph.

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