SIM Ep 731 Chops 250: Emma Kennedy: Her mum, the letters, and love

Emma Kennedy, yep, that glorious multi-hyphenate of screen, page and Celebrity Masterchef kitchen, has written another heart-breaking, heart-swelling and funny (of course) book, which was all the excuse our Mick needed to set up a Zoom chat. 

Letters From Brenda came about when Emma found two suitcases of lost letters from her late mum, Brenda. Brenda was a complex, charismatic and troubled woman, and Emma and Mick chat mother-daughter relationships, undiagnosed mental illness, loving unpredictable people, whether it’s possible to ever really understand someone, and the journey Emma went on to try to do just that. Oh, and the lost joys(?) of Chatroulette. 

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