SIM Ep 730 Pod 203: No-strings sex, deaf theatre and a suitcase full of money

Men are looking for sex and women are looking for love, right? Wrong, says Kala Ellis, creator Spreadsheet, a new sitcom starring Katherine Parkinson, which debuts tonight on Channel 4. Hannah chats to Kala about what happens when you're not looking for "the one", comparisons to Sex and The City and why new apps can be frankly terrifying. Meanwhile, Jen's been learning more about 20 years of Deafinitely Theatre from its artistic director Paula Garfield, as well as some pretty shocking facts about domestic violence and educational attainment. And in Jenny Off The Blocks, she's chatting about the French Open. In Sexism of the Week, Mickey's got some thoughts about how the BBC is spending its comedy budget, plus we're watching violent AF 2007 neo-western No Country For Old Men in Rated or Dated. You're welcome.

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