SIM Ep 727 Pod 202: All human life is here. And also an alien

In this week’s podzine, the glorious Laura Bates joins our Mick to rage against the sexism machine. The feminist writer, activist, founder of Everyday Sexism and author has written another book – Fix The System, Not The Women – and it’s both vital and full of righteous fury. 

Hannah’s been chatting to Julie Owen Moylan about her debut novel That Green-Eyed Girl, about getting her first break in publishing over the age of 60, and about making the big leap over the class barrier.

In Jenny Off The Blocks, it’s Emma Hayes appreciation time. Again. And no one’s complaining. And in Rated or Dated, we’re asking how good does Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi mega-blockbuster E.T. look at 40? Tricky, given E.T., the delightful sweaty sausage/joke shop turd protagonist, always looked 187 anyway.

Plus, abortion, poverty, class, the menopause and *spits* Allison Pearson in the Bush Telegraph.

And here's that link Hannah promises:

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