SIM Ep 706 Pod 193: Het bonhe, Sprakkar and Tom Jones covered in wildlife

Why is everyone in Iceland so happy? Might it be that they are closer to gender equality than most? In this week's podcast, Hannah chats to writer, journalist and First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid, about life for women in a country with the same number of residents as Nottingham, and her new book Secrets of The Sprakkar. With the Winter Paralympics just a few days away, Jen's been on the blower to Vicky Gosling, chief executive of GB Snowsport, to talk about a disappointing Winter Olympics and hope for the future. We're struggling again with the binary nature of Rated or Dated as Mickey picks this week's film, Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! And it's good news for Hank The Tank, but not much else to cheer about as we say het bonhe in this week's Bush Telegraph.

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