SIM Ep 694 Pod 188: Ann Dowd, the hostile environment, and a deadbeat dad

Ann Dowd – sorry… ANN DOWD! – joins Hannah on this week’s podcast to talk about her new film Mass, the Oscar buzz surrounding her performance, Aunt Lydia, The Leftovers, feral nuns and making it over 35. 

Jen chats to Sonita Gale, about her BAFTA long-listed new documentary, Hostile, the history of immigration to the UK, and the realities of the hostile environment for the very many people living in it. 

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Australia is host supreme when it comes to women’s sport, although Jen’s not making any tennis predictions for the Open after last week’s optimism fell flat.

In Rated or Dated, there’s a barrel load of eccentrics and a dad in search of forgiveness/somewhere to live, as Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums turns 20.

And in the Bush Telegraph, there’s danger on the move, danger standing still, a lack of sex disaggregated data, and an incredible “exclusive”. 

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