SIM Ep 693 Chops 234: We [Still] Can’t Consent to This

“Random angry woman” Fiona Mackenzie was appalled when she saw the ‘rough sex’ defence being used in the horrific killing of Natalie Connolly in 2016 – a defence which, in December 2018, saw her killer sentenced to just three years and eight months in prison. And so Fiona did something about it, starting We Can’t Consent To This to highlight and then to campaign against men claiming ‘consensual rough sex’ as a defence against injuring and killing women. Last year, a new amendment was added to the Domestic Abuse Bill ruling out "consent for sexual gratification" as a defence for causing serious harm to a person. But is it working?

In this episode of the Sunday Chops, Mick chats to Fiona about this, about why choking is always dangerous and about how Fiona and her We Can’t Consent To This co-founder, Louise Perry, have since further expanded the campaign to fight the normalisation of male violence against women and girls during sex. 

A heads up, that the topic is – clearly – awful, and Mick and Fiona do go into some detail about the horrific brutality of male violence against women and girls during sex. 

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