SIM Ep 558 Pod 176: Fear, a Ford Focus, and 50 shades of shit

Get ready to hide under your duvet as we travel deep into THE FEAR for this week’s podzine. Hannah’s been on the Zoom with our pal and psychotherapist Jane Watson to talk fear: where it comes from, how to beat it, when to trust it, and why cotton wool is up there with spiders and falling.

Jen catches up with comedy writer Gabby Hutchinson Crouch to chat about her new book, Wish You Weren’t Here, the liminal spooksville of service stations, the horrors of 2016, and how the death of David Bowie might well have opened the Hellmouth.

Sticking with the spooky theme, we’re watching 1991’s The Addams Family and at the very least having a nice time with the theme tune *click click*. 

The upcoming W Series finale, and a leaked report investigating bullying and harassment in horse racing are keeping Jen busy in Jenny Off The Blocks. And, because there’s nothing more scary than the real world, the team are dealing with 50 shades of shit in the Bush Telegraph. 

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