SIM Ep 557 Chops 229: The joy and importance of working-class writers

If you’ve been enjoying our working-class content recently – Hannah’s interviews with Sophie Willan and Lynsey Hanley, and our chats about the film Rocks and the documentary Harlan County USA are all well worth your ears – then here's another doozy for you, as Mick chats with writer Natasha Carthew, the founder and director of The Working-Class Writers Festival. 

Natasha’s everything we love: extremely talented, generous, fiercely proud of being working-class, and a force of nature when it comes to getting fair recognition for working-class – and in particular working-class women – writers in fiction, non-fiction, and for telly and stage. 

The Working-Class Writers Festival takes place in real life in and around Bristol, but there are also loads of events that can be attended online. Terri White’s there, Cash Carraway’s there, Val McDermid’s there, Sadie Hasler’s there: it’s going to be brilliant. And what’s more, everything is free. Give the festival a follow @ClassFestival on Twitter or visit to find out more about the many excellent events taking place October 21 to 24.

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