SIM Ep 553 Pod 174: NDAs, Antigone and – shit me! – it’s David Bowie

The use, or rather mis-use, of non-disclosure agreements is rife in all sorts of nefarious dealings. Zelda Perkins, former assistant to Harvey Weinstein and the first to break her NDA with him, and Julie Macfarlane, a law professor who took on the Anglican Church, want to change that and they chat to Mick about their new campaign, Can’t Buy My Silence. Julie also has a book decoding the well-worn methods used by church, school and state to silence survivors, from first reporting to cross-examination to NDAs, and Going Public: A Survivor's Journey From Grief to Action is available here.


Meanwhile, Jen chats to actor and playwright Merlynn Tong about her adaptation of Antigone, and why she’s written Creon as a woman, while in Jenny Off The Blocks, she’s asking can women have it all, and looking to Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg for the answers. No, really.

In the Bush Telegraph, we’re wondering if flagging down a bus is really the answer to institutionalised sexism in the Metropolitan police. Plus, please imagine our best Blue Steel, as in Rated or Dated we watch cameo-tastic 2001 male model comedy, Zoolander.

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