SIM Ep 546 Pod 171: Sex talk, para sport, and Old Jedediah Burgundy

Talking about sexual health remains a massive taboo in British society so, as it’s Sexual Health Week, Hannah jumped on the Zoom with Lisa Hallgarten from Brook, the charity pioneering healthy sex and relationships among young people. They chat about sexual health in lockdown, consent, and how to have The Talk with your young people.

Jen catches up with para-athlete Libby Clegg to talk about guide dogs, the state of disability sport, and her new book My Life With Hatti. And in Rated or Dated, there’s some big talk about Mick’s big pick: Citizen Kane – did it really inspire Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy? Meanwhile, in the Bush Telegraph, winter is coming, as we ponder who is the worst member of the current cabinet? 

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