SIM Ep 542 Chops 222: First love, dangerous ideology and Camp Siegfried

Written by a woman, directed by a woman, with a strong female lead and a creative team of loads of women, Camp Siegfried, which opens at The Old Vic on Tuesday 7 September, couldn’t be more up our strasse. 

As the world unknowingly sits on the brink of the Second World War, girl meets boy at summer camp Camp Siegfried, exclusively for American youth of German descent. The total head-spin of first love, the search for identity and belonging, gives way to the camp’s real aim: the preaching of Nazi ideology that will ultimately threaten to destroy them, and set the worldwide stage for global atrocity, devastation and genocide.

And so, for this Chops, Mick caught up with writer Bess Wohl and director Katy Rudd to learn about the real Camp Siegfried, and what happens when all-consuming love meets all-consuming ideology. 

Camp Siegfried runs until October 30 and you can get tickets from

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