SIM Ep 538 Pod 168: Violence, Deceit, and Beefy polymorphs

Violence against women and girls is seemingly never out of the news, but certain necessary conversations just aren't being had. Journalist Rachel Thompson wanted to address these grey areas and she talks to Jen about her new book, Rough: How Violence Made Its Way Into The Bedroom, which explores how something comes to be labelled as sexual violence – or indeed not. 

Meanwhile, Hannah catches up with actor Niamh Algar about Channel 4 drama Deceit, in which she stars as the policewoman charged with honey trapping Colin Stagg. They also talk about her new horror film Censor which is out in cinemas this week and already getting great reviews. Oh, and about working with Stephen Graham, because, y'know, Hannah.

In Jenny off the Blocks, Jen’s talking golf for the second consecutive week, as she rounds up the latest action in women’s sport. In Rated or Dated, we’re howling at the moon/Wikipedia/Mick's attempts at doo-wop as we watch 1981’s An American Werewolf In London. And there’s unappetising beef, inspiring bikes and a well dodgy holiday policy in the Bush Telegraph.

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