SIM Ep 25 Pod 10: Judy Murray, All Killa, gaming and poo-covered campervans

Crikey, it's a bumper podzine this week. Our Jen chats to coaching legend Judy Murray, Hannah and Mickey catch up with All Killa No Filla's Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn to discuss serial killers, Debra-Jane Appleby talks women and gaming and Jen Brister revisits the poo-soaked French holiday from which the shame stench still lingers.

There's all the usual stuff, too, with The Bush Telegraph, Sexism of the Week, our Sarah sorting some life questions and Pocahontas in the hot seat for Dunleavy Does Disney.

THE TEAM: Mickey Noonan, Hannah Dunleavy, Jen Offord and Sarah Millican.

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