SIM Ep 19 Pod 6: Jess Phillips, Latitude and Doctor Who's a what now?

In this episode of the podzine, Mickey chats to all-round top broad Jess Phillips MP, Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch talks new Doctor Who, Yosra Osman tells us what's hot in the cinema and Daisy Leverington shares some tips on coping with the summer holidays. There’s a mini gigcast from our stint at Latitude, with Deborah Frances-White and Susie Wokoma, our Sarah gets some more of your life questions answered, Jen gives us the lowdown on cricket, football and lacrosse and Dunleavy Does Disney’s The Rescuers with surprising Dunleavy results.

Parts of the podzine were recorded live at Latitude.

THE TEAM: Mickey Noonan, Hannah Dunleavy, Jen Offord and Sarah Millican.

THE ADMIN: Our music was composed and recorded by Barry Hilton, all rights reserved. Thanks to David Young, Mary Young and John Clare for their help with the stings.

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