SIM Ep 298 Chops 133: women smashing it in business with Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow

Fiercely successful business brains Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones, founders of leading women’s network The AllBright and authors of Believe Build Become, chat to Mickey about the power of failure and risk, the benefits of a poor short-term memory, the huge boost women can and need to give other women, and how a serendipitous meeting led to the formation of a monster global sisterhood of kick-ass women who’ve got each other’s backs.

You may have already heard of The AllBright as a swish women-members only club with spaces in Fitzrovia and Mayfair, as well as LA, which may draw you in or indeed put you off. But, however you feel about members clubs, that’s just one aspect of what The AllBright’s about, and there’s a lot of free information, help and solidarity made available on the website for anyone who wants to get involved, whether that’s signing up as a member or getting solid advice on how to ask your boss for a payrise.

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