SIM EP 356 Pod 102: Bugs, boys and books.

This week's podcast comes straight from our respective self-isolation bunkers, because frankly, we can't sustain this rate of hand-washing.

Joining us - and you - is our resident music guru Liz Buckley, who brings us some much needed joy by way of the Pet Shop Boys. Hannah goes to author Claire Allan for some advice on what to get our reading chops around during these most-long of days.

We're herding nans and chomping on budget apples in the Bush Telegraph, while in Jenny off The Blocks, Jen is chatting about renowned unskilled footballers the US Women's national team. Last but by no means least, there are incongruous sporting and indeed geological references in Dunleavy Does Disaster as Hannah takes on Gladiator, sorry, Pompeii.

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