SIM Ep 124 Pod 40: crap trains, screenwriting dames and World Cup games

In this episode, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord meet Sara Nelson from independent watchdog Transport Focus and go full Partridge to talk about the current trainageddon and how you got to fight for your right to traaaaavel. Mick and Hannah chat to the excellent Lisa Holdsworth from the Writers Guild of Great Britain to discuss the ridiculous gender disparity in screenwriting, and Jen gets her World Cup frothing over as she discusses games, teams, players and everything soccer with Kait Borsay, co-founder of The Offside Rule podcast and fellow football nerd.

There's a big part of the Bush Telegraph where everyone fails to keep it together, Piers Morgan's out to fix sexism (yeah, right) and Dunleavy Does Disney's Mulan. Finally. Because loads of you have asked about it. So what score do you think she gives it?