SIM Ep 168, Pod 54: Voting, Spending and Screaming

In this week's podzine, the team put their marching boots on - again - to join the 700,000 or so crowd at Saturday's People's Vote March in London. As well as drawing serious props for their signage and indeed dog-age, the team caught up with MPs Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Joanna Cherry; Lara Spirit of Our Future, Our Choice; Sorcha Kirker of the Highlands and Islands Students' Association; Standard Issue stalwart Jane Bostock; and Delia Smith. You heard.

They also chatted to Seyi Newell from Rosa, the UK fund for women and girls, about how charities and projects set up to help women can get their hands on some cold hard cash. by way of their Justice and Equality Fund; and Sarah Morgan, host of podcast The Fear drops by to talk about getting the willies in the run-up to Hallowe'en. Hannah is swiping left on battery bullies in SOTW, Jen is pondering the IOC's moral compass in JOTB, and Dunleavy Does Disney does The Good Dinosaur, the title of which may or may not be misleading.

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