SIM Ep 341 Pod 100: The Mercies, Teatime and Closed Lands

FANFARE PLEASE. It's our 100th podzine and, woman oh woman, is it a bumper banger. (Yes. Yes it is.) 

Kiran Millwood-Hargrave writes beautifully of women's experiences from history and The Mercies, her debut adult fiction (although don't think you're too old to read her children's and YA books), is no different, charting a 17th Century real-life devastating storm and imagining what happened in the three years between that and a real-life devastating witch hunt. She tells Jen all about The Mercies and its inspiration.

Comedian, actor and writer Katherine Jakeways joins the team to talk spending rather too much time with family, what it's like writing for radio, the art of audio spoon balancing and her new Radio 4 sitcom, Teatime

Becka McFadden tells us about Legal Aliens Theatre Company's play Closed Lands, and we chat why the West is so keen on building walls, both literal and metaphorical. 

There's really bad wind as Dunleavy Does Disaster tackles Twister and the stomach-churning effect of Bill Paxton's character within it. And in the Bush Telegraph, Jen has some excellent words on how we can all be better at the media and why that's necessary. Among other stuff. 

So cover yourself in tampons for warmth (see SOTW for more details) and get stuck in.

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