SIM Ep 142 Chops 36: Edinburgh special

It's a Chops with a difference as we chat to four excellent women currently doing their thing up at the Edinburgh Festival.

Natalie Palamides, winner of last year’s newcomer award, talks to Mick about Nate, her hilarious, physical comedy show involving a moustachioed young bloke basted in toxic masculinity but trying to do the right thing. Hannah catches up with Ingrid Garner about her play Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl In Hitler’s Germany, based on Ingrid's grandmother’s experiences as a child forced to move to Nazi Germany and try to fit in as war breaks out around her. Jen talks swimming, being a teenage girl at school and how sport can ease the angst a little with Katrina Quinn, whose show Individual Medley covers all those bases. And finally, Hannah also talks to Alissa Anne Jeun Yi about her show Love Songs, the stereotyping of Asian women – from the lotus flower to the super-sexualised to the Dragon Lady – dealing with her sexual assault and, amid all that, looking for love.

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