SIM Ep 113 Pod 37: Albertine, alcohol and awards

This week Team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord return to normal podcasting business, with Mick chatting to resident music guru Liz Buckley about Viv Albertine of The Slits, as Albertine publishes her second book, Throw Away Unopened; Hannah and Mick chat to Caroline Flint MP about booze and being a child of an alcoholic, and our Jen has a natter with author Kit de Waal about her new book The Trick To Time and her efforts to get more working-class voices in writing. Jen is paying tribute to Chelsea and England midfielder, Katie Chapman, in Jenny Off The Blocks, Hannah shatters some dreams as Dunleavy “does” Disney’s The Aristocrats, and there’s a triumvirate of wrong by way of Berlusconi, Polanski and Farage in the Bush Telegraph.