SIM Ep 62 Pod 22: Pass-agg Christmas, banging tunes and being alone no more

This week, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord get some excellent pass-agg Christmas gifts ideas from comedy writer Sarah Morgan that'll piss off your homophobic uncle while putting cash in various charities' coffers – win! Music guru Liz Buckley talks to Mick about her favourite albums of 2017, and Dannie Grufferty, co-ordinator of The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, tells the team all about the commission and how we can help people suffering from loneliness. Our Sarah gets her Doctor Doolittle on in #SMQT, Jen's talking cheats and victories in Jenny Off The Blocks and Dunleavy Does Disney's The Jungle Book. Which may or may not descend into cat impressions.