SIM Ep 321 Gig 50: Kumar, Lycett, Parkinson and Millican

Joe Lycett, Nish Kumar, Craig Parkinson and the boss herself, Sarah Millican? What. A. Lineup. Yep, in one last aural treat before Christmas, we bring you three wise men (and one woman) from our IMD gig recorded back in November. Oh, and also Mick and Hannah. Chat involves solo volleyball, climate change, peer pressure, being Buzz Killington in a WhatsApp group, sharing feelings and just how much Mummy has been drinking. 

Whatever you’re up to over the festive period, we hope you have a smashing time. As our Christmas present, please do book to come see a live show. We can’t keep doing them if there’s no audience and, as you’re about to hear, they are stupid amounts of fun. Visit for gig details.

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