SIM Ep 178, IMD 3: Alcohol with Jonathan Ashworth

This week we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re always wanging on about how gender inequality is a ballbag for everyone – because it is. And so, ahead of International Men’s Day on November 19, we decided to do a series of interviews where we chatted to blokes about what’s going on with the dudes. Keep your ears peeled for chats with writer and mental health advocate Matt Haig; writer, performer and campaigner Jordan Stephens; Dr Jacob Whittingham Vigors of Fight For Peace; and domestic violence campaigner Luke Hart.  

Because next week is also Alcohol Awareness Week, Hannah went down to Westminister to talk to Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth about being the child of an alcoholic, how society views drinking and why it's good to talk, no matter how hard it seems. 

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