SIM Ep 331 Gig 51: Stevenson and Haggard

Multi-hyphenates Daisy Haggard and Tiff Stevenson joined Mick and Hannah at Kings Place on the eve of the general election – oh heady days of hope! – for a cracking gig, which involved some very entertaining politics chat that led to us all living on an island with talking sharks. Ahh, we wish. There’s also a whirlwind lesson in yoga for Mick and Hannah, a lot of sweating when it comes to thinking of things we like about ourselves, crying in the tax office, Googling big gardens, passive-aggressive presents, full-on aggressive presents, and a whole mess of crisps. 

Our next live event is at Kings Place is on February 14, with excellent women Pauline McLynn and Ayesha Hazarika. Some people know that date as Valentine’s Day, but whether you’re into hearts and flowers or not, laughter is good for the soul and the loins. Honest. Get your tickets here:


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