SIM Ep 139, Pod 46: Feminist fringes, twitching twinkles & train journeys from hell

On this week's podzine Team Noonan, Dunleavy & Offord are back to business. Mick preps for Standard Issue's forthcoming Edinburgh journey by having a natter with journalist Shona Craven about where to find feminism at the Fringe. Jen is chatting to a prime example of the above, by way of physiotherapist Elaine Miller who talks about her Edinburgh show Gusset Grippers, and why we need to talk about female incontinence. And Hannah catches up with comedian Tanyalee Davis to hear about her #ScooterGirlCampaign to get train companies to make better provision for disabled people. Jen also catches up with darts player Fallon Sherrock in JOTB, while Dunleavy does Disney's Wall-E - Eeeeeeva!

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