SIM Ep 273 Pod 84: Essex girls, equal pay and more football please

Carrie Gracie – that's right, the fierce AF BBC journalist who kicked Auntie right in the nuts over equal pay – joins us to talk about exactly how being "mad, bad and determined" helped her win a previously unthinkable fight with her employer. She also explains how she wants to help all women get the equal pay they deserve, as she shares her story, research and advice in her new book, Equal: A Story of Women, Men and Money. Listeners, we swooned. 

Also swoonsome is playwright Sadie Hasler, who's tackling Essex Girl stereotypes in her new play, Stiletto Beach, which opens at the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, on September 4. Our very own resident Essex girl is having a lovely time on her holidays, but she managed to score a natter with former England star Eni Aluko for Jenny Off The Blocks before she packed her suitcase. In a snippet from a forthcoming big interview, they talk about how the women's game needs more love and investment. 

Love fails to conquer all in this week's Dunleavy Does Dystopia, in which Hannah and Mick discuss 2010's Never Let Me Go and how scarily close to home its ideas are. And finally, bits of the Bush Telegraph are out of date. Because no one knows what the fuck is happening from one minute to the next. And that absolutely includes PM Bumblefuck McPantsonfire. 

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