SIM Ep 324 Pod 95: Fuck no! Yes dogs! And a sinking feeling

Ever wanted to harness the power of ‘No’? Yes? Thought so. In that case, Hannah’s chat with the ever-excellent guide to giving no fucks and sweary delight Sarah Knight is for you, as she talks through ways to make saying no easier. Her book Fuck No! is absolutely worth your yes.

Tour de force Rosalind Blessed currently has two plays in rep at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London, and she tells us about The Delights Of Dogs and the Problems Of People and Lullabies For The Lost, both of which cover hefty topics, including domestic violence and mental health issues. That doesn’t mean we don’t get quite rightly distracted by how much we bloody love dogs. DOGS!

In the Bush Telegraph, we’re trying to stay upbeat in the face of a world quite literally on fire. BUT there is potential joy to be had in certain MPs running in the Labour leadership race, and Ricki Lake’s inspirational take on female hair loss. Jen’s chatting exciting events in the 2020 women’s sports calendar, while the plaster is firmly ripped off in Dunleavy Does Disaster as the team watches 1997 epic Titanic. Hurry, Jack! And we’ll leave you with the news that rumours Dunleavy is enjoying sexy time with some oiled-up kale remain unconfirmed. 

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