SIM Ep 32 Pod 13: Austen, Alzheimer's, Blondie, Bambi, and a roof-bound giraffe

In this episode of the podzine, Cariad Lloyd chats to Sara Pascoe about Sara's stage adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Liz Buckley joins us to chat Debbie Harry, Leanne Davis tells us about life with her mum, who has early onset dementia and Sarah's of a mind to call the zoo hotline. Over in Dunleavy Does Disney, Bambi's in the hot seat and, lawks a lordy, not one character is in Mickey or Jen's wank bank. Hannah is understandably relieved. WARNING: Contains singing. Of sorts.

THE TEAM: Mickey Noonan, Hannah Dunleavy, Jen Offord and Sarah Millican.

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