SIM Ep 160 Chops 58: Mother Courage + Father Ted + needy cats + arse tattoos = Pauline McLynn

Double Chops ahoy! In this, the second portion of Sunday Chops, our Mickey's having a brew with Pauline McLynn, aka Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, Libby Croker from Shameless, Yvonne Cotton in EastEnders and many theatre roles, including right now Mother Courage in Red Ladder Theatre’s immersive promenade production of Brecht’s classic Mother Courage and Her Children (which is absolutely excellent and on until October 20 in Leeds). 

You'll fast discover that Mick wound up with a massive girl crush on Pauline, who is a proper treat. They chatted Mother Courage, Father Ted, the perils of warm poo and needy cats, knitting tea cosies and that time she may or may not have flashed Tom Cruise.

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