SIM Ep 251 Chops 107: Let's talk about death... when you're living with cancer

In this one of two Chops this week, Hannah and Mick catch up with restaurateur, writer and blogger Saima Thompson, who just also happens to be a stage 4 cancer patient. We talked about HOW to talk about death, why it’s important, the reactions of others, cancer and mental health and how perspective changes when you're prognosis is terminal. 

We’ve teamed up with Macmillan again going a bit more in-depth into the topics around death that we touched on at the panel event we did with them back in May. Our first Chops guest was the brilliant Poppy Mardall, founder and director of Poppy’s Funerals, a modern-day funeral company aiming to revolutionise the funeral trade, who was full of incredible insider knowledge that left Mick and Jen agog. 

If it gets you thinking about how and where you would like to be cared for at the end of your life, choosing the funeral you’d like, the legacy you want to leave behind or who you want to remember in your will, Macmillan has information and resources to support the conversation and help you have it. Visit today for information and support.

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