SIM Ep 50 Pod 18: Top Trumpings, war poetry and socks on the loose

This week, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord chat to comedian and bonafide American Taylor Glenn (@TaylorGlennUK) about the past year of Trump *shudder*. Ahead of Remembrance Day, poet, performer, writer and fighter Lisa Luxx (@LisaLuxx_) talks to us about the importance and vitality of war poetry giving people a voice as she plans her trip to Lebanon to become a war poet herself. Sarah's dealing with socks on the loose in #SMQT, Jen's dealing with shitbiscuits in the FA and Dunleavy's losing the will to live during Disney's Tangled. Trying times. But we can all agree that Snoop Dogg doing the commentary for Planet Earth is the shizz, right? Right.