SIM Ep 171 Chops 64: mental health stigmas with Lucy Nichol

For this Sunday Chops, we hand over the reins to the excellent Lucy Nichol, mental health advocate extraordinaire and author of the brilliant A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes, which started out as a regular Standard Issue column.

For this Chops, Lucy wanted to focus on some of the very many stigmas that still surround mental health and what we can do to get them to jog on. And so she’s chatted to four women about their very different experiences with mental health. Anna Foster is talking OCD, Claire Eastham is chatting social anxiety, Poorna Bell talks about her late husband’s addiction and the unhelpful stereotypes of drug users we’re forever seeing in the media, and finally, Hope Virgo explains the issues around anorexia and why her #dumpthescales campaign is a life-saver. 

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