SIM Ep 344 Gig 52: Ellis and Lexx

At last year's Edinburgh Fringe, Mick, Hannah and Jen had a bloody lovely chat with comedian Laura Lexx and presenter and author Janet Ellis. They talked about finding a thing's peril (but doing it anyway!), the joy and revelation of napping, Goldie the dog, Goldie the musician, and the importance of the Night Stool Man. You’re probably going to have to listen if you want to know what that means.

Our next gig is on March 29 as part of Podfest Birmingham, where we’ll be joined by bloody excellent actor and writer Helen Monks, comedy legend Janice Connolly aka Mrs Barbara Nice, and our very own flipping boss, Sarah Millican. Check out our website for info on all of our gigs, including where you can buy tickets.

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