SIM Ep 267 Pod 83: cats, dogs, mums, babies, and books on fire

Cats in space, dogs in graveyards and other animal biographies come to the fore as Hannah chats with Kimberlie Hamilton, children's author of Rebel Cats; Brave Tales of Feisty Felines and Rebel Dogs: Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds, both of which have new pride of place on the Dunleavy bookshelf. 

Suzy K Quinn reveals all the Lies We Tell Mothers, which is handily also the title of her latest book (sorry, but it's time to wave ta-ra to that pineapple induces labour myth). 

Jen's rightly fuming about the racism once more rearing its ugly head in football in Jenny Off The Blocks, and in Dunleavy Does Dystopia the team get hot under the (book)flaps about why a film as dull as 2018's Fahrenheit 451 even got made. 

Plus, there's deep fried Home Office idiocy, sexy pavement lichen and evil avocados in the Bush Telegraph, and some startling new research leaving Mick agog in Sexism of the Week. Tuck in.

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