SIM Ep 299 Pod 90: Greenham, Blue Peter and the bright white of another Ice Age

Radical women, bloody-minded women, successful sports women: there's loads of positive stuff in this week's podcast – hurray! Hannah learns all about the excellent Greenham Women Everywhere project from its co-coordinator Rebecca Mordan, who explains the work of, and shares anecdotes from, the extraordinary campaigners of the Greenham Common peace camp of the 1980s. Mickey has a lovely natter with author and erstwhile Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis about her latest novel, How It Was, and they cover loads of ground including the joys of being invisible, Blue Peter (obvs), and mother-daughter relationships. Jen's got a lot to applaud in Jenny Off The Blocks, and even our resident northerner's got her big coat on as Dunleavy Does Disaster talks 2004's The Day After Tomorrow.

It's not all highs, mind, because there is of course the news, and this week's Bush Telegraph has sexism galore, with more depressing ongoings in Parliament, the BBC, and with reproductive rights in America. But also a naked man under a table. Possibly.  

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